NZBget 11 and 12 on a Synology NAS how-to

NZBget 11 and 12 on a Synology NAS how-to this page describes how to install NZBget on a Synology how-to NAS DSM 4.3 and 5.0, with NZBget you download content based on NZB files. Of sure you can use the precompiled SABnzbd package, but this package is know to be slow and not able to fill up the complete download speed of your ISP. With NZBget I can download @full 40Mbit line speed without a glitch.

Be sure your NAS is bootstrapped and you can run IPKG, more information could be found here.

Install the tools

  • ipkg update
  • ipkg install nzbget
  • ipkg install nano (this is a easy config file editor, better usability than VI)


download en install nzbget-testing (version 12) or nzbget stable (version 11)

ipkg install nzbget-testing or ipkg install nzbget

  • The following NZBGet-related files will have been installed:
    • /opt/sbin/nzbgetd
    • /opt/share/doc/nzbget/COPYING
    • /opt/share/doc/nzbget/ChangeLog
    • /opt/share/doc/nzbget/README
    • /opt/share/nzbget/nzbget.conf
    • /opt/share/nzbget/ppscripts
    • /opt/share/nzbget/ppscripts/
    • /opt/share/nzbget/ppscripts/
    • /opt/share/nzbget/webui (containing all the source files for web access)

Before we can start the nzbget -D (option deamon) we need to copy the sample config file to the destination directory:

cp /opt/share/doc/nzbget/nzbget.conf  /opt/etc/nzbget.conf

Now we need to change the config file with the correct parameters, please determine first where you want to locate the NZB files i have chosen for /volume1/downloads/nzbget

nano /opt/etc/nzbget.conf and edit the following lines (ctrl-w for search)
  • $MAINDIR=/volume1/downloads/nzbget
  •  “ControlPassword=” (without the quotes)
  • Ctrl-o to save the file
All other parameters as server settings and connections needs to be defined via the web GUI of nzbget 11 or 12. http://yournas:6789
nzbget 12 settings

You should be able to start NZBget now via the terminal DiskStation>nzbget –D should give no errors

Using a web browser, visit your NAS on port 6789.  http://yournas:6789


Start nzbget -D automatically after each reboot of your NAS

nano /opt/etc/init.d/ and past the following content into this file and press ctrl-o for writing

/opt/bin/nzbget -D


14 thoughts on “NZBget 11 and 12 on a Synology NAS how-to”

  1. Great tutorial. 1 thing didn’t work out of the box for me. Each postprocess failed with the message:

    ERROR Post-Process: Configuration file /opt/sbin/postprocess-example.conf not found, exiting

    So I opened: /opt/sbin/ (which we made through: cp /opt/share/doc/nzbget/ /opt/sbin/ ) and searched for postprocess-example.conf and found:


    Changed it to:


    And all is working fine now :)

  2. Thanks for the great guide. Two things I would like to add concerning the installation of the web interface:

    1) extracting the files from the package to /volume1/web/nzbget results in a path /volume1/web/nzbget/nzbwebget, which you ofcourse have to type in your browser to get to the webinterface. It’s better to place the files which are inside the nzbwebget-folder in the /volume1/web/nzbget folder. It doesn’t matter for the web interface.

    2) There seem to be some lines missing concerning the paths you have to add to the open_basedir line, namely:
    and ofcourse you need the above mentioned
    or whatever nzbget-downloadfolder you are using (I’m using /volume1/downloads/NZBGet for example, mind the capital letters on Linux)

    Finally there seem to be different versions of the web interface to download from the link: the 1.4 version and the 1.5-t1 version. It depends on the version of nzbget you have installed. For me as a Linux-noob I had to figure out the installed version first. I did that with the command “nzbget -v” via SSL. Just thought I’ld mention that for other noobs like me :)

  3. Great tutorial, thanks Rob.

    I ‘m a noob with Linux, fortunatly I have some knowledge of the old school DOS programming and Visual Basic and I must say, that helpt me understanding the process and using an editor like Putty.
    Nzbget is working now on my DS209, but I had a couple of errors I had to deal with.
    As Roland said, a few additional directories had to be mentioned in de PHP setting of Webservices on de NAS. Besides the lines mentioned, I had to add the following:

    The last 4 errors I encountered were permission or right problems. Took me a while to find this out for the errormessages were something like “can’t open file xxx” or “file xxx not found”. The files were there on the right places, but there were no permissions to go to those places (directories). I used Putty to add:
    chmod -R 777 /volume1/downloads/nzbget
    chmod -R 777 /volume1/downloades/nzbget/dst
    chmod -R 777 /opt/etc
    chmod -R 777 /volume1/web/nzbget
    and all problems solved.
    Hope my experiences with this project may help others.

    I have one question:
    Nzbget will not download if I use the SSL connection (on port 443) from my payserver (SABNzb works fine with that). It gives an error (ioctl?). If I use the “normal” connection (on port 119) it works. But I find if SSL is available, it’s better to use SSL.
    Any idea? Anyone?

    Again, thanks for al the work, I now can choose between SZBNzb and NZBget on my DS. For me the first is more user friendly, one click in SPOTNET transfers the nzb to SABNzb and SABNzb starts downloading, unparring, etc. With NZBget I have to manually feed the nzb’s, for I don’t want NZBget to constantly scan a directory. But it’s faster in downloading.

    1. Pete,

      Using SSL takes quite some CPU and lowers downloadspeed. I turned it off so I now have full 5.5MB. If they want to know what you downloaded they’ll go to your usenet provider for the logs anyway :S

      Also just found another source of installing NZBGet:

      Haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to soon.

  4. Roland,
    I tried it. The packages NZBget and NZBget Config will not install on my DS209. Might by the NAS type (different cpu’s) that is not supported. That’s why I followed Rob’s tutorial.

    I knew SSL is merely to hide what you download, so I might consider not using it anymore. But then with SSL the speed with SABNzb is still 2,9 – 3,0 MB. Have to think about it.

  5. Nzbget WEB interface installation

    Download the nzbgetWEB interface from this link, this file contains web php-files should be placed in the web directory. Extract this files to /volume1/web/nzbget after that you should be able to browse to http:///nzbget and see a website from nzbgetweb which contains a few errors.

    It has to be http:///nzbgetweb

  6. Excellent guide. I am a complete Linux novice but following this guide made it quite easy. It did take me a couple of attempts to get it working but now that its running I would never go back to SABZBD. It has also given me a better understanding of Linux and how to troubleshoot issues many thanks.

  7. What user do you run your nzbget daemon as, I seems to keep writing the files as root as they can’t be read.

  8. When I install nzbget 12 (r808), I don’t have anything in /opt/share/doc/nzbget so no nzbget.conf.example or no, postprocess-example.conf

    I managed to find a nzbget.conf on the web but couldn’t find files for postprocess :(

    Any ideas?

    1. Please disregard my previous comment, it’s all sorted out (the postprocess section and the web interface section don’t apply anymore to the current nzbget 12)

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